How to get 360 Waves Fast

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How to get 360 Waves Fast. In this article I will explain how to achieve 360 waves fast and what it takes to form waves fast.

For those of you who want to make sure that you're getting the absolute fastest waves possible, you'll want to follow these easy tips. This is super easy, simple and fast. Also, as someone who has spent a long time with 360 waves and trying to figure out ways to get them faster, I can personally confirm that these are the best ways to get the most waves fast.

Waves are one of the best short hairstyles for black men. It looks smooth if you form them correctly. I have always enjoyed trying different hairstyles but when I started waving it changed the game for me. So, it’s not a surprise when I tell you how much I enjoy the 360 Waves formation process - it's a sensation hard to describe with words. I spent days brushing, researching different 360 wave methods, and trying new products. The one thing that makes waves so interesting is their different shapes and patterns that appear as soon as they hit! 

One of the greatest things about 360 waves is that for the most part anyone can get started immediately if you have curly hair. Even if you have a tight curl pattern that might come off as being nappy hair you can still get waves. The only people who might have problems getting wave are those with straight hair. 


1. Grow your hair out to curl length. This is when your hair starts to curl up

2. Buy curl moisturizer/butter and apply daily. Wash your waves once a week to reduce buildup 

3. Get a good brush and brush your hair from the scalp down for 45 min -1hr a day

4. Wear a durag to lay down your waves especially when sleeping

5. Repeat steps one through four for about 2 months to see real results


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