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360 Wave Durag - Silky Waves Durag

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Best durag for men with 360 Waves 

WaversDreams presents their new luxurious silky durag. This is the best wave durag for wavers because of its silky material that will protect your hair. After wearing it your 360 waves will be laid in a nice form while offering protection. This silky durag paired with our soft wave brush is the perfect kit to having your waves laid down. This specific 360 durag is a slick black with grey accents. Our stylish wave durags are a great accessory to wear outside the house. It is a part of the American culture fashion statement. Our high-quality durags will last far longer than store brands, and our custom color combo will only be found on our website. Our branded logo can be found on one of the straps and the tail of the durag. 1 size fits all. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christopher Stodghill
Excellent Silk Durag

The durag are great. 100 percent silk as advertised. I like the durag alot. The longer tie down straps are very good and the tail is perfect. The durag doesn't leave lines at all. The durag was a great fit to my collection and I like the black and grey together I will order more durags.

Nieko Jones
One of the silkiest do rags I have ever owned

This do rag is one of the best in the game. A black do rag can go with anything and the silver lettering makes the do rag pop. It also is great material for my 360 waves