Do I need a Du-rag to get Waves?

Do I need a Du-rag to get Waves?

Do I need a Du-rag to get Waves?

Do you need a durag to get waves ?? The short answer is yes. Sure you can use a wave cap or some other form of compression, but the original du rag is the easiest method. When I first started waving I thought wearing a du-rag was weird and it made me look unprofessional. Sure you would not want to wear it to a business meeting but du rags are a part of the culture. Embrace wearing your durag because it will help lay down your waves without leaving lines on your forehead.

Why is it important to lay down your waves?

It is important to lay down your hair/waves because without doing that your waves will not be defined. A waver can lay their waves down by using a soft brush and wearing a durag. Sure you can brush a lot to get waves, but it will not make any difference if you can not see them. Wearing your du-rag is also a good way to keep your hair from messing up. Not only do wavers wear du-rags, but if you have fresh braids or locks it would be beneficial to wear a durag. The durag will help protect the roots from frizzing up while keeping the hair in a silky form. Wavers will oftentimes wear the durag while sleeping to protect their waves because the pillow will shift their waves while sleeping 

Are Silky du-rags better for 360 Wavers?

Silky du rags are one of the best du rags for wavers because of the texture it leaves on your hair. When you take off a silky du rag your waves will look silkier compared to other material du rags. Most wavers want a natural shine to their 360 waves. Other types of du-rags will not leave the same effect on your hair as a real silk du-rag will. 

How long should you wear your du-rag?

You should not wear your durag all the time. If anything you can wear it while you sleep and maybe 4 additional hours throughout the day. If you wear your durag all day it can cause hair loss just like if you were wearing a hat all of the time. It is good for your hair to breathe and see sunlight. It is also good for your waves if you take off the du-rag sometimes. Your waves can get deeper if you let them breathe.

Key Takeaways 

  • A durag is the best form of protection for 360 Waves
  • Wear it while you sleep and while you take showers
  • Do not wear your durag all-day
  • Wearing a durag will help lay down your waves making them look crispy and preventing hair from looking nappy
  • Durags are a part of the waving and black culture

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